M-Seal Phataphat Fast Setting Epoxy Putty Sealant (25 Gram) PACK OF 10

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IDEAL FEATURES -It is ideal for gripping, joining, sealing, and insulating a variety of surfaces like metal, porcelain, marble, wood, and glass. MULTI-PURPOSE - M-seal is a multi-purpose sealant with 4 main applications – Sealing, Joining, Fixing and Building. PACKAGE CONTENTS - Consists of two parts (RESIN & HARDENER) which are supplied in the form of sticks of equal volume, individually wrapped and sealed to be mixed in the ratio of 1:1 by volume or weight. RESIN - Seals Joins, HARDENER - Fixes Builds COLOR - RESIN (Green) & HARDENER (Black) are in different contrastcolours to help users to know the uniform mixing TIMING - Spreading of adhesive is easy in the first 5 minutes. Cures to a hard mass. Sets in 30 minutes at 27 Degree Celsius. it will totally harden in approximately one hour to an extent FLEXIBLE - Can be Shaped, Drilled, Filed, Sanded, Painted upon. cured M-SEAL PHATAPHAT on cure can be painted. VERSATILE USAGE - Its versatility and ease of application makes it commonly used across multiple industry segments, as well as households (DIY) who can use it to mend broken articles, fill gaps, cracks and plug leaks in pipes and joints.

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Brand Name Pidilite

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