Sundaram Cartridge Drawing Paper A4 Size (20 Sheet)

School Stationery, Sundaram

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Artwork:The most common use for cartridge paper is for illustrating. Artists use sketch books full of cartridge paper to draw. They often use oil pastels, pencils or chalk to create images on the thick, textured paper. The thickness of the paper, as well as the texture gives the drawing a chiseled look. Professional Uses: Many brochures, pamphlets and booklets are printed with cartridge paper. The thicker paper makes the information more durable. A thicker cover made with cartridge paper protects the pages inside. Even magazines have covers made with different weights of cartridge paper. Pamphlets fold more nicely when made with cartridge paper of a thicker weight. They look more professional as well. Long lasting durable cover with Smooth corners Specially made bright paper

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Model Name Cartridge Drawing Paper A4 Size (20 Sheet)
Model Number Dr 9

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